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I spent my childhood visiting my grandfather in his cabin on the lake in Bar Harbor, Maine. Just a couple of rooms, with a deck that looked out on the most beautiful water. The cabin was small but always filled to the brim with family. My grandfather was a war veteran, and had nine children, sparkling blue eyes, and strong opinions on the right way to peel an apple! I built fairy houses in the woods and camped out in sleeping bags on the little porch—and the scents, landscapes, and deeply regenerative respite of those Maine summers made their mark on me.  

The cabin was renovated after my Grandfather passed, so that our entire (enormous) family could continue to spend time there and soak in its magic. I now take my own children there every summer, on the exact same grounds that I played on when I was their age. The tiny little beach is always just as it was all those years ago, which continues to be so refreshing in today’s world. 

The lake house gives me such a strong sense of nostalgia, hope, and just the right pinch of mischief that was my grandfather’s hallmark.  There’s always something special about a dip in a cool lake on a hot summer day!

This summer for me is all about getting back to the root of what really matters: those slow mornings, food fresh from the garden, splashing until sunset, and days spent with family in a sacred suspension of time and space. 

I’m so honored to share The 'Lake House' Series to represent that feeling, and an omen of a sunny, fun-filled summer. I hope these pieces come along for the ride wherever your summer may take you, with a good dash of fresh air and a lightning bug or two!


The 'La Femme Eléctrique' Series

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